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The Year of the Four Firsts

In the season eight draft, Montgomery had four first round picks in the amateur draft.

Now a year later, where are they now?

(20) Tony Otonez was the first of owner Beernoser's four first rounders chosen, and Rebel Yells could be heard throughout the Constitution, as the young catcher was the one player they were hoping would fall to them. The 22 year old Missourian has not disappointed either. He's spending this season at High A and is batting .329 with 24 home runs and 71 RBI's as the season 9 draft approaches.

(25) The Stits were also happy to land starting pitcher Erik Rakers. His story has not gone as well though as his personality left mangement questioning his work ethic. The young hurler was traded to Scranton for major league slugger Juan Valentin, but things haven't gotten better up north. A misunderstanding left the 18 year old missing the plane to Scranton, and once he got off on the wrong foot, things have only gotten worse for the first rounder as he has spent the season complaining about lack of playing time in Yankeeland.

(35) Albert Bonilla was chosen as a power-hitting second baseman from Minnesota, and so far the Stits are happy with his development. He's batting .347 with 25 HR and 64 RBI's in LOw A ball this season.

(37) Delino Saenz is an 18 year old slugging outfielder who has performed well at High A this season batting .320 with 15 homers and 71 RBI's. The young slugger is hoped to be a cross between Orlando Cepeda and Jimmy Wynn. Montgomery fans have nick-named him the "Baby Cannon."


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