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A Cautionary Tale

The Minnesota North Stars had a horrible pitching coach in season 1 and did not enjoy the remedy that was employed in the most recent case. Instead, Preston Rowan went through the entire season with the worst fielding IQ on my coaching staff, a 3, and proceeded to permanently alter the careers of several players. Over the course of that season, Minnesota's starting nine had these effects:

Oleg Ramsey: lost 5 points in range and 3 points in fielding

Harry Unamuno: 2 and 1

Tom Burkett: 3 and 2

Jose Almonte: 0 and 5

Jose Roque: 2 and 0

Paul Clemens: gained 1 and LOST 16

Bill Benes: 0 and 6

Jose Garces: no change

In the farm system, several others were significantly impacted on the way to the show.

Darrin Hatcher: gained 2 and lost 8

Rudy Lombardi: gained 3 and lost 8

Jeffrey Brow 0 and 5

Lonny Urbina gained 1 and lost 11

Herm Munoz: gained 2 and lost 14

Daniel Miller: gained 6 and lost 15

In conclusion, fielding coaches can make a big difference. Within a week of starting this franchise, it was well on its way to shooting itself in the foot.


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