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85 and Over Club

I stole this posting's idea from rls, who did the same thing for season 7. The following players enter season 9 with overall ratings of 85 or higher. This Club does not account for projections, only current ratings. Let me know if I've missed anyone.

National League

Fargo Woodchippers

Harry Pascual 86

Brett Tracy 90

Ringo Weston 94

Toronto Beavers

Walt Cashman 90

Rochester Rough Riders

Gene Blair 86

Buffalo Hunters

Rico Sanchez 88

Florida SunRays

Brett Simms 87

Jose Sardinha 85

Little Rock Travelers

Wilt Beckett 85

El Paso Diablos

Evan Moore 85

St. Louis Archers

Rudy Carver 86

Hong-Gu Hyun 89

Melvin Martin 88

Vancouver Maintaineers

Garrett Stewart 86

Anaheim Anteaters

Billy Leary 85

Patrick Spencer 87

American League

Iowa City BEEF

Ariel Rosario 86

Scranton Breakers

Mikey Tatum 88

San Juan Express

Rogers Glynn 86

Al Ontiveros 85

Jackson Riverdogs

Al Maurer 85

Montgomery Constitutions

Al Cedeno 91

Chip Turner 91

Las Vegas Longballers

Geronimo Ordaz 86

Albuquerque Roadrunners

Ariel Cortez 85

Hal Randall 88


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