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Walt Cashman: An Appreciation

In a game filled with offensive studs, few hitters have risen to the consistent level of excellence as Toronto's Walt Cashman. Cashman has played over 150 games in left or centerfield for the Beavers since Capra's onset. During that time, Cashman has accumulated the following numbers(along with all-time placement),

Career Batting Average: .352. 1st overall.
Runs Scored:1,033. 1st overall.
Hits: 1,565. 1st overall.
Doubles: 355. 1st overall.
Triples: 86. 1st overall.
Runs Created: 1249.70. 1st overall.
RBIs: 1,017. 2nd overall.
Slugging %: .650. 2nd overall.
Runs Created/27: 10.90. 2nd overall.
At-bats: 4,441. 2nd overall.
OPS: 1.076. 3rd overall.
Intentional Walks: 115. 3rd overall.
On-base %: .426. 4th overall(tied).

Furthermore, Mr. Cashman also holds the following Single Season Records

Doubles: 59
Hits: 248
Runs Created: 216.04

All of this has led Walt to winning 4 MVPs, being an All-Star selection 6 times, and a Silver Slugger 5 times. Walt Cashman, I believe I speak for all of us when I say, break an anklethis Spring.


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