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Budgetary Concerns

bowlum's teams(formerly Idaho, now Colorado) continue to reward handsomely their players. For the third time they have the highest allotment for player payroll, this season at 114. In fact bowlum has been in the top 5 player payroll amounts for 5 seasons running and has never budgeted less than 90M for players. In 8 seasons, bowlum has budgeted 839M on player salaries, or 57% of his entire franchise budget.

On the flipside, beernoser and chazzzzzz continue their competition as the rightful heir to Billy Beane. Both franchises(Montgoomery and Albuquerque, respectively) have established consistent records of excellence at all all levels while maintaining very low player payroll at the big league level. Beernoser's Constitutions have not run a player salary of more than 50M since season 4, and that was only 65M, all the while averaging 90 wins per season and completing an October engagement. chazzzzzz's Roadrunners have not gone beyond 68M since Season 3, a stretch that includes 3 World Series trips. Altogether, beernoser has spent 540M on player salaries, or 36% of his $. chazzzzzz has run up only 536M(also 36%) on player paychecks.

Looking at the larger $ trends in Capra, in season 1 the lowest player payroll was Saffron's 75M, and no one went below 65M in those first three seasons. Since then, the # of teams at 65M or below are as follows:
S4-4 teams
S5-6 teams
S6-6 teams
S7-9 teams
S8-11 teams.

Inversely, the number of teams at 90M or above have continued to dwindle:


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