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5 Questions with jrnyfan01

1) What is the story of your username and how did you get hooked up with Whatifsports? I am a huge fan of Journey - the band. I guess I was hoping to give them some love by getting them to the top of the standings. They are not so well respected in music circles... oh well. I never have been one to follow the popular choice.
I was playing Diamond Legends when an owner posted the whatifsports website. At $10 per team instead of $50, I thought I could experiment more, and then take my knowledge back to Diamond Legends for bigger prizes. Of course, I never went back.

2) Offer a paragraph bio of yourself, possibly including things like work, family life, geography, other hobbies, quirky traits, bad habits, etc. I am a research associate at Marcus & Millichap, the second largest commercial real estate firm in the country. It is kinda boring. I am studying for my doctorate in education. Expected graduation date is Winter 2009.

3) A sports-themed bio paragraph. Favorite team? Players? Did you play as a kid? Now? What and when? Best sports moment? Most heartbreaking moment? etc. I loved baseball, but when I got to Junior High School, was disappointed that there were so hot chicks (errr so few fans) in the stands to watch me play. Living in Akron Ohio, wrestling was the place to be so I switched over. I finished 3rd in the city my freshman year, moved to Arizona, and placed 3rd in state my Junior year of high school.
I coached little league while I was in college. 13&14 year olds. Gameday was great, but the parents drove me out of it. "Why doesn't my kid get to play more?" Parents just don't want to hear that their kid stinks.

4) What about your franchise is most exciting going into Season 8? What is your team's biggest challenge? Anything else about your squad? I have a tough time developing talent, and my free agent signings never work out. I have not made the playoffs yet, and we are still probably a few seasons away.

5)What piece of strategy or advice can you offer about HBD? Yes, I'm asking for one of your secrets, but many of us will be sharing as well.
The best HBD strategy is to get a lot of talent in season one. Without it, you are dead in the water.

6)What are your proudest WIS moments?
3 years ago, I helped organize a gathering of WIS players, as we visited New York to see the Mets, Yankees, and Cooperstown. We have a core group of 4 guys (eagle61, evil_twin, and chazzz) that have been to San Diego, Los Angeles, Anaheim, Arizona, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Baltimore, New York (Mets and Yankees) together over the last few years. This years trip will take us to Omaha for the CWS, Denver, and St. Louis. I feel very fortunate to have made these type of friends that will fly all over the country to watch games with me.
I also am very proud of my current progressive SIM league with 50 man rosters. It is by invitation only, and you pay for many seasons in advance, so we have been able to keep it out of the classifieds. The upcoming season will be our 3rd, and I am very proud that it has been so successful while so many others have failed.


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