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American vs. National

Quick History: The Junior Circuit has two world series trophies(Seasons 1 and 6) while the Seniors had a run of four titles from seasons two through five. The NL features Capra's three career Wins leaders in pitchers Brett Tracy, Diego Ozuna, and Matty Ortiz. The NL also hosts Capra's two leading all-time home run hitters in Henry Menechino and Kip White. However, the AL carries four of the top five all-time pitchers in Strikeouts, an important marker of mound dominance: Julius Edmonds, Brendan Grissom, Chris Larkin, and Charles Jang(of course, they all trail Tracy).

Since the league's onset, the Nationals have featured a total of eight 100-win teams, while the American side has put together seven teams that passed the century mark. The Senior Circuit has suffered a total of four teams to lose less than 60 games, while the Juniors have endured six teams that couldn't reach 60 W's.

But that's all in the past. Currently, the American League hosts the best team in Capra: not only do the Montreal Royales have the best record, but they are the repeating champs as well. In fact, the AL currently has eight teams to record more than 50 wins thus far. The NL can offer up only five. And while the league leaders in most hitting and pitching categories are split pretty evenly between the two circuits, the AL hosts six of the top seven run-scoring teams in San Juan, Montreal, Scranton, Albuquerque, Boston, and Montgomery. Considering that AL pitchers have to face DHs, in addition to many of the monster hitting teams mentioned above, the fact that they're running neck and neck with their NL counterparts in statistical categories speaks well of the talent in the junior circuit.

Conclusion: you decide in the voting tab to the right. But if the Senior Circuit has historically dominated, there seems to be dawning a new age of AL strength considering that much of its top talent right now is so young.


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