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Early Standouts - American League


1B Don Wilson. Scranton Breakers. Just 25, in his 4th full season, and is somehow getting even better after putting up a career .353/.430/.548 in his first 3 seasons. Currently at .405/.457/.759. 1st in the AL in Hits, Avg, OBP, Doubles, and 5th in SLG. Oh, yeah, Wilson also has a nifty 16 game hit-streak going. Sheesh.

1B Rogers Glynn. San Juan Express. When will these children learn to mind their place? Glynn is paving the way for the all-world offense of the Express. 18HR(1st), 40RBI(1st), 37R(1st), .841 SLG(1st), 1.261OPS(1st), not to mention he's hitting .349/.420. Oh yeah, Glynn is 23 and on pace for around 100 round-trippers.

DH Jeromy Wagner. Albuquerque Roadrunners. Another youngblood up there with the big boys. 25 and hitting .404/.449/.570. 2nd in AVG, OBP, Hits, and Doubles. More walks than strikeouts. The kind of DH you wish you had.


SP Shawn Morton. Pawtucket Patriots. The season 1 AL Cy Young, Morton is now 36 and had injury-plagued campaigns in seasons 2, 3, and 4, but is rewarding the risk the Patriots took in giving him 21M last year. 5-0 with a 1.15ERA and 0.79WHIP. Has allowed just 26 hits and 2 HR in 47 innings. WOW.

SP Gerald Hernandez. Montreal Royales. Hernandez blossomed in time last year to lead the Royales to their first championship, and hasn't slowed up any this season. Currently 5-1 with a 1.96ERA, 0.98WHIP. And he started out the season with a 0.00ERA after his first four starts. He has definitely arrived.

RP Ronnie Serafini. Montreal Royales. Refused arbitration by the Anteaters a few seasons ago, Serafini has also matured in the last year and a half. After serving as an effective part-time closer last season, he has gotten off to a perfect start: 7/7 in save opps, 0.00ERA, 9+ innings with just 3 hits and 2 walks allowed.


Anonymous said…
wow, what a great lineup!
Anonymous said…
my bad...
what great perfomances!

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