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All Hail . . .

Diego Santana. In his first taste of the bigs, Santana is hitting .373/.429/.747 with 32hr, 92rbi, and a 28/37 BB/K ratio. That's good for 1st overall in RBI, 2nd in HR, 2nd in OPS, and 5th in BA. All while handling the backstop duties and the league's 11th best pitching staff(4.62 team ERA). Santana was signed for a mere 3.2 million as the 10th pick in the draft back in Season 4 by Washington/abracapocus, then traded to Boston as a youngster in the Rookie league(a loophole in the system allowed him to be dealt). Santana murdered minor league pitching to the tune of 164 bombs in 3 seasons, and is now doing the same at the big league level. And while his defensive ratings aren't stellar, they're strong enough to allow him to play respectably behind the dish. Throw in Durability and Health ratings in the 90s, and it's becoming clear that all future Capra catchers will be measured by Santana. Cheer up, abra, we've all let someone get away in a deal here or there. At least you traded him to the AL, where you won't have to face him much.


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