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Impact Free Agent Rundown

In browsing through the 120 or so free agents who signed somewhere this offseason, these are the ones I believe will make the biggest difference on their season seven clubs. Each player is listed with his season seven club, position, his contract, and a bit of insight into the move. Due to the volume of players I probably missed yours, so let us know who I forgot by posting a comment.


  • Patrick Richardson, P, Anaheim Anteaters ($1 million/yr, 2 yrs) – didn't pitch much last season but he's effective.

Boise opened up the pursestrings and poured out some serious money for the guys they really wanted. Some signings looked questionable, but Alomar and Martin are very good pickups for any club.

  • Craig Phelps, C, Boise Idaho Tater's ($19.2 million/4 years) – guaranteed money but not guaranteed results for an unproven guy with less than a season of ML experience. He killed the ball in the minors, though.
  • Pete Martin, 2B, Boise Idaho Tater's ($11.8 million/2 years) – consistently produced for Albuquerque but had an off year last season. He did play every game last year, though.
  • Alex Alomar, 3B, Boise Idaho Tater's ($27.4 million/4 years) – your basic 30 HR, 100 RBI everyday slugging third baseman.
  • Abraham Rogers, P, Boise Idaho Tater's ($22.4 million/3 years) – had two good years and two bad years with Florida. Still proving himself at 29 but getting paid for his upside.
  • Vic Mateo, 2B, Boise Idaho Tater's ($7.6 million/2 years) – lots of money for a guy who last was a ML regular in season three. He has great range, though.
  • Tim Spoljaric, SS, Boise Idaho Tater's ($5 million/2 years) – hasn't significantly impacted a big league club since season one, but he's got a cannon and can run.


  • John Cairncross, P, Boston Brigadiers ($5 million) – crafty vet who can still contribute; stats declined each of last four years.


  • Victor Mairena, C, Cleveland Brewdogs ($2.6 million) – stolen from Boston when he's .310/.410/.520 career and he can DH.

El Paso was also busy with six signees. Methinks the pitching staff will live or die with how these three do.

  • Dan Cedeno, C/DH, El Paso Diablos ($1.2 million) – re-signed for cheap with a club that he has performed with.

  • Ben Clark, P, El Paso Diablos ($4.8 million/2 years) – could be a great re-signing if he can avoid the injury bug.

  • Julio Crespo, SP, El Paso Diablos ($8.4 million over 2 years) – salary is inflated because he bought out a bad contract. Subtract that, and Crespo is a middle- or back-of-the-rotation starter getting paid like one.

  • Luis Sanchez, P, El Paso Diablos ($6.2 million/2 years) – also got bought out by Pawtucket and makes up for Crespo. Looks like a serviceable third starter.

  • Efrain Chang, 3B, El Paso Diablos ($7.6 million/2 years) – underpaid in Atlanta and finally getting his money. Will he perform?

  • Geoffery Barkley, CF, El Paso Diablos ($10.4 million/2 years) – Gold Glove CF who can get on base. Took a pay cut but still may be a bit overcompensated for his services.


  • Joey Stevens, P, Fargo Woodchippers ($1.5 million) – averages under 40 IP/year but he's pretty effective.


  • Carlos Lopez, LF, Honolulu Rain ($1.6 million/yr) – looking to bounce back from a letdown last year; has a proven track record.

Iowa City could have two very good or very foolish investments made from these two signings and it should be interesting to see how things shake out.

  • Patrick Erickson, P, Iowa City BEEF ($28.4 million/4 years) – one of Fargo's cogs who cashed in. Obviously, he could he great or bad away from the huge cast of stars they put out all the time.

  • Cecil Killebrew, P, Iowa City BEEF ($24 million/4 years) – great name, pretty good upside, not so great track record.

Jacksonville paid out quite a bit of salary for its three signees, but it looks like they made some sound investments.

  • George Brow, CF, Jacksonville Juggernauts ($14.4 million/2 years) – plays every day in center, probably gets 200 hits, what else do you need?

  • Omar Pizzaro, P, Jacksonville Juggernauts ($17 million/3 years) – jumped from Jackson to Jacksonville after injury ruined his season six.

  • Tino Maxwell, SS, Jacksonville Juggernauts ($13.7 million/2 years) – underperforms at the plate for his numbers, real deal in the field.

Las Vegas made a big splash and then kept swishing around the water in the FA pool. $136 million is sunk into these guys for the next little bit.

  • Geronimo Ordaz, SS, Las Vegas Longballers ($85 million/5 years) – by far the highest-paid player in the league, but he can hit and field. Last season, he had 9 errors and 31 each of doubles and home runs. .300/.370/.500 career line.

  • Scott Ritz, CF, Las Vegas Longballers ($3.6 million) – cashed in on an up year; he could repeat his performance.

  • Carson Houston, 3B, Las Vegas Longballers ($26.4 million/3 years) – plays a lot, good fielder, even steals bases. Makes a lot of money, but Toronto gave him that much last contract, too.

  • Dale Dickey, C, Las Vegas Longballers ($20.8 million/4 years) – consistent catcher who cashed in for his toils.

Montgomery made some moves that look good so far.

  • Ryan Parrish, RF, Montgomery Constitutions ($2 million) – re-upped with the 'Stits when he's a sure bet for 30 HR and 100 RBI.

  • Vasco Carrasco, P, Montgomery Constitutions ($5.2 million) – a good reliever who throws 100-plus innings, he's old but probably not underpaid.

Ottawa's three signings also look smart.

  • Macbeth Hamilton, C, Ottawa Ice ($2 million) – needs head checked for leaving balmy Honolulu for a one-year deal in Ottawa; worth his salary for his last two seasons.

  • Brendan Grissom, P, Ottawa Ice ($12 million/2 years) – staff leader re-signed with Ottawa after his contract was bought out.

  • Sean Montgomery, 3B, Ottawa Ice ($34 million/5 years) – bolted from Boise for his payday. Good for 40 HR, 110 RBI in 150 games, which ain't bad.

Pawtucket didn't spend much but got two important pieces for its club.

  • Brian Gibson, P, Pawtucket Patriots ($1.4 million) – apparently had a good relief career even before Capra started. Pawtucket gets him for the same salary that Cleveland bought him out of, but he can throw about 40 good innings.

  • Victor Myers, C, Pawtucket Patriots ($1.9 million) – good all-around catcher who's probably a steal this year.

Richmond picked up two starting pitchers for $10 million a year.

  • Groucho Robertson, P, Richmond Confederates ($13.8 million/3 years) – was a decent innings-type guy for rls but still has some upside at 26.

  • Kenneth Paulson, P, Richmond Confederates ($17.4 million/3 years) – three of his four years in the majors were good, so he should fill a middle rotation slot nicely for Richmond.


  • Glen Hillenbrand, P, Salem Silver Shockers ($23.5 million/4 years) – may become an albatross at age 34 and 35, but he can be a second or third starter in this league.

San Juan

  • Matthew Torres, P, San Juan Express ($11.2 million/2 years) – also gets severance from San Juan, seems like a Greg Maddux-type who can give you good starts but not pitch deep into ballgames.


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