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The Futility File

Walter Hubbard, Dover Galaxy

Hubbard has spent the past five seasons throwing BP for the Galaxy's opponents. BP, that is, when he's anywhere near the strike zone. Hubbard is Capra's career leader in Walks per 9 innings at 5.31. When Hubbard is anywhere near the batter's bread box, it's usually in the form of a meatball sandwich. Hubbard is 1st among active pitchers and 3rd overall in career worst slugging percentage allowed at .494. The list goes on: 1st active and 2nd overall in opponents WHIP(1.67), and 1st active and 2nd overall in worst ERA(6.41). Hubbard has a career record of 35-76 in 154 games started.


Anonymous said…
When notified of receiving an award, Walter responded "Hey, at least bad press is better than no press at all."

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